Brandon Aiyuk 2022 - 2023 Post Game Stats & Recap

February 04, 2023

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Welcome to Brandon Aiyuk's post game stats & recaps, where we'll be following the wide receiver's production throughout the season. Check back every week for updates on Brandon Aiyuk's post game statistics!

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Conference Championship Round:

Statline: 1 REC, 10 REC YARDS

The San Francisco 49ers couldn’t keep up their winning streak, ultimately falling to the Philadelphia Eagles in a 31-7 blowout. The Niners injury woes continued at the quarterback position as 3rd string QB Brock Purdy was forced out of the game with an injured elbow, but forced back in after 4th string QB Josh Johnson was ruled out with a concussion. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Niners were unable to take advantage of anything through the air due to the fact that they didn’t have a viable quarterback for most of the game. Brandon Aiyuk was only able to catch 1 reception for 10 yards in this game, but saw huge progress throughout the season as one of the Niners top receivers. Aiyuk racked up over 1000 yards receiving this season, and should be slated for more responsibilities on the offensive end next season.

Divisional Round:

Statline: 2 REC, 26 REC YARDS

In a tight divisional round matchup which featured two of the best defenses in the NFL, the 49ers managed to eke out a victory over the Dallas Cowboys to move on to compete for the NFC Championship. Brandon Aiyuk was targeted 4 times and caught two passes for a total of 26 yards in a game where defense was the #1 option for both teams. Aiyuk and the 49ers offense will hope to get more of a spark from their offensive unit when they face yet another top ranked defense in the Philadelphia Eagles next week. 

Wildcard Weekend:

Statline: 3 REC,  73 REC YARDS

With the return of Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk took a step back but was still involved in the 49ers passing attack with 5 targets throughout the game. The Niners now have an abundance of offensive weapons so it’s not likely that Aiyuk will continue being the #1 option in the passing game since the team likes to change things up based on the opponent. Aiyuk did however have a big play in the first half with a 31 yard reception and will continue to be a focal point for the Niners throughout the playoffs.

Week 18:

Statline: 4 REC, 59 REC YARDS

Brandon Aiyuk led the team in receptions and receiving yards and continued operating as the team’s primary wide receiver even with the return of Deebo Samuels. While Deebo Samuels will likely operate as the WR1 for the Niners at some point in the playoffs, Aiyuk has more than proven himself as another primary option for their offense. Aiyuk and the 49ers will look to knock off the Seattle Seahawks in what looks to be a great matchup in Wildcard round. 

Week 17:

Statline: 9 REC, 101 REC YARDS, 1 REC TD, 1 CAR, 16 RUSH YARDS

Brandon Aiyuk once again led the 49ers in receiving yards in their game against the Raiders in the absence of Deebo Samuel. Aiyuk hauled in 9 receptions on 12 targets and even burst through the Raiders defensive line on a rush attempt that went for 16 yards. This was Brandon Aiyuk’s 1st 100 yard receiving game of the season, and has totaled 956 total receiving yards so far. 

Week 16:

Statline: 5 REC, 81 REC YARDS

Brandon Aiyuk was second on his team in receiving yards trailing only George Kittle who had a monster day through the air himself. Aiyuk continues to fill the void left in the wake of the Deebo Samuel injury and has shown that he is a WR1 in his own right. Brandon Aiyuk and the 49ers will look to cement their spot at the top of the NFC with a win over the Raiders next week. 

Week 15:

Statline: 2 REC, 19 REC YARDS

On Thursday Night Football in week 15 the San Francisco 49ers took on their divisional rival the Seattle Seahawks. 49ers’ wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has had a solid year so far, and has been a large help for quarterback Brock Purdy in his first few starts. Against the Seahawks Aiyuk was able to come away with two receptions for 19 yards. The 49ers were able to beat the Seahawks 21-13. 

Week 14:

Statline: 2 REC, 57 REC YARDS, 1 REC TD

In week 14 the San Francisco 49ers took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Levi Stadium. Rookie quarterback Brock Purdy tallied his first career start, and it was clear that he and receiver Brandon Aiyuk already have a connection. Aiyuk was able to come down with two catches for 57 yards and a touchdown. This was Aiyuk’s seventh touchdown catch of the season, and his third time this season catching a touchdown pass in a win as the 49ers kept the Bucs at bay by winning 35-7. 

Week 13:

Statline: 5 REC, 46 REC YARDS

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has been a reliable passing target all year, and he was able to show his consistency once again in week 13 against the Miami Dolphins. Aiyuk was able to catch the ball five times for a total of 46 yards, increasing his number of games of five receptions or more to seven on the year. The 49ers were able to beat the Dolphins despite the loss of their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Week 12:

Statline: 5 REC, 65 REC YARDS

The San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk took on the defensive-minded New Orleans Saints in week 12 of NFL action. Aiyuk was targeted a team-high eight times and was able to turn the targets into five receptions and 65 receiving yards. Aiyuk still appears to be the number one receiving option for quarterback Jimmy Garopollo, and someone that he consistently goes to when in need of a guaranteed gain. The 49ers were able to shut out the Saints and win the game 13-0. 

Week 11:

Statline:  2 REC, 20 REC YARDS, 2 REC TDS

The San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk took on the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City for Monday Night Football in week 11. Aiyuk was able to make two catches for 20 yards, and both of his receptions were for touchdowns. This performance brought Aiyuk’s touchdown total up to six on the year, the most in a season so far in his three-year career. The 49ers were able to put up quite the offensive performance in beating the Cardinals 38-10. 

Week 10:

Statline: 6 REC, 84 REC YARDS

Brandon Aiyuk was once again the number-one passing target for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers last week against the Los Angeles Chargers. Aiyuk caught the ball six times for 86 yards with his longest reception coming on a 24-yard pass across the middle down to the Chargers’ two-yard line. The 49ers were able to improve their record to 5-4 with a win against the Chargers. 

Week 9:

Statline: BYE WEEK

Brandon Aiyuk and the San Francisco 49ers have had a season full of ups and downs as they go into their bye during week nine. About halfway through the season, Aiyuk has emerged as the number one option at the wide receiver position so far. Aiyuk leads the team in targets with 55, receptions with 38, receiving yards with 483, and receiving touchdowns with four. The 4-4 49ers will look to continue to utilize the third-year receiver as they resume their season this Monday playing host to the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Week 8:

Statline: 6 REC, 81 REC YARDS, 1 REC TD

The San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk took on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday for their second divisional matchup this year. Aiyuk was able to turn six targets into six receptions for 81 yards and a touchdown. His touchdown catch came at the end of a trick play when new 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey threw a 34-yard pass to Aiyuk. The 49ers were able to hold off the Rams and win the game 31-14. 

Week 7:

Statline: 7 REC, 82 REC YARDS

Brandon Aiyuk and the San Francisco 49ers took on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in a rematch of Super Bowl 54. Aiyuk was targeted 11 times by 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and he turned them into eight receptions for 82 yards. This game put Brandon Aiyuk at the number one spot in 49ers receiving for both receptions and receiving yards. The 49ers ended up losing to the Chiefs 23-44. 

Week 6:

Statline: 8 REC, 83 REC YARDS, 1 TD

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk had his best game of the year on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. Aiyuk turned 11 targets into eight receptions for 83 yards and two touchdowns. He scored the 49ers’ first touchdown of the game on a 12-yard catch-and-run screen pass from quarterback Jimmy Garappolo. The 49ers went on to lose to the Falcons 14-28. 

Week 5:

Statline: 3 REC, 58 REC YARDS

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk hauled in three catches on Sunday in their 37-15 win against the Carolina Panthers. Aiyuk was targeted a total of four times, and he was able to turn his three catches into a team-leading 58 receiving yards. The longest of his receptions was a 24-yard catch on a crossing route across the middle of the field about halfway through the second quarter. 

Week 4:

Statline: 4 REC, 37 REC YARDS

The San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk took on the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. Aiyuk was targeted four times in the game by the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garrapolo, catching all of them for 37 yards. The 49ers went on to win the game and beat the Rams 24-9. 

Week 3:

Statline: 3 REC, 39 YARDS, 1 TD

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk was targeted eight times against the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football. Aiyuk was able to turn those eight targets into three catches for 39 yards and the only 49ers' touchdown of the night. The touchdown catch came early in the first quarter on a three-yard pass from Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers went on to lose to the Broncos 10-11. 

Week 2:

Statline: 5 REC, 63 YARDS

On Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk led the team in targets with eight. Aiyuk managed to turn these eight targets into five catches for 63 yards, with his longest catch of the day coming in their first drive, a 20-yard catch-and-run across the middle. The 49ers went on to beat the Seahawks 27-7. 

Week 1:

Statline: 2 TGTS, 2 REC, 40 YARDS

Brandon Aiyuk caught two of his two targets on Sunday for 40 yards against the Chicago Bears. For the longer of his two catches, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance hit a streaking Aiyuk across the middle for a 31-yard gain. The 49ers got Aiyuk involved with the running game as well, giving him a rush for 7 yards.