Brandon Aiyuk Emerging as Star in Camp

August 09, 2023

Athlete Studio

Brandon Aiyuk has established himself as more than just another option for coach Kyle Shanahan. Since training camp, the San Francisco 49ers' offense has displayed a remarkable performance, with Aiyuk consistently outshining some of his more prominent teammates. This consistent show of skill suggests that he might be on the cusp of a breakout season, poised to fulfill the promise he made in the offseason about bringing his career to a whole new level.

“This is my fourth year in this offense," Aiyuk said. “The work that I felt like I put in, and then also the success that I’ve had in the years, put it all together and that’s what you get for sure.”

This year,  Aiyuk has elevated his performance drastically, consistently showcasing his dominance during practices. Amid an offense that includes All-Pro standouts like Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle,  Aiyuk has emerged as an elite player. 

“From Year 1 to now, his confidence level is through the roof,” Samuel said. “He walks in and walks out every day like nobody can guard him. If you walk out with that type of attitude and take it out to the field, it translates. He’s going to up his game to another level.”

During the early stages of this offseason, Shanahan noticed a distinct change in Aiyuk – his enhanced physical condition and a heightened engagement in football discussions through frequent conversations. This positive shift continued into the summer, leading Shanahan to feel reassured that Aiyuk remains driven and isn't content solely with surpassing the 1,000-yard milestone in his career, achieved for the first time in the previous season.

“Last year I thought was the best year that he’s had and you usually know how they react to that based off the offseason and he’s been obsessed this offseason with football,” Shanahan said. "You can tell he enjoys talking about it, he enjoys preparing for it and he’s truly become a pro. And the results I think will keep showing.”

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