Aiyuk Shares How Former Teammate is Handling Trade

August 31, 2023

Athlete Studio

Brandon Aiyuk, the talented wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, is proving once again that he is maturing into a marquee player. Despite the shocking trade of his close friend Trey Lance to the NFC rival Dallas Cowboys, Aiyuk remains unfazed and determined to excel.

Reflecting on the trade, Aiyuk states, "I understand how it goes. And I understand the competitor he is. So he wants to compete and show who he is to himself and to the world." Aiyuk's unwavering support for Lance is evident as he was with him during and after the trade.

When asked about Lance's reaction to the trade, Aiyuk observes, "Some weight was lifted off him, it looked like to me. I think he's in a good spot." Aiyuk's insight suggests that Lance is finding his footing and embracing the new chapter in his career.

While Lance's departure is significant, the 49ers remain optimistic. Starting quarterback Brock Purdy had a lighter workload in practice, but the team assures fans that it is not due to any setback. Rather, it is a strategic decision to maintain his surgically repaired elbow. Sam Darnold and Brandon Allen will provide valuable backup support, with Allen expected to secure a spot on the final roster.

As for Aiyuk, he has emerged as one of the 49ers' top wide receivers, alongside the impressive Deebo Samuel. Aiyuk's growth extends beyond his on-field performance, as he shares, "I'm not scared to be myself." This newfound confidence is a testament to his improved communication with the coaching staff and his willingness to embrace his true self.

Aiyuk acknowledges the differences between college and professional football, emphasizing the need for urgency in every aspect of the game. From playing to preparing and studying, he recognizes the importance of adapting to the fast-paced nature of the NFL. Aiyuk's dedication to continuous improvement is evident as he reflects on his progress, stating, "I feel I stacked another offseason and training camp. Now we just let the chips fall where they may and play football. It's the fun part now."

While Aiyuk focuses on the present and the people within the 49ers organization, he acknowledges that he and Lance are now on separate paths. As he looks ahead, Aiyuk remains committed to his own journey and eagerly anticipates the upcoming season. 

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